Furniture showroom & office space
Papirøen, Copenhagen 2014
NORM Architects / Linda Korndal

The creation of a showroom and office in an old industrial building, made as a cadeau to the existing beauty in the old construction, and on the other hand a way of taking a furniture showroom to another level. Thinking function as divided cells and incorporating the want of having a vibrant and inspiring environment, combined in a ‘village’ of white boxes. Each box represents a function, whether it is as a meeting room, a staff kitchen or the workshop, each have different openings and sizes, facilitating the exact needs of that function. Some of the boxes are small and switchable others are tall and has a fixed purpose. In the center of the ‘village’ you find an open square.
This project was featured in Kinfolk Magazine issue sixteen.

My role//
Conceptdevelopment, creating Mock-ups & production drawings, on-site measurements and material selection.
Furthermore spaceplanning of the specific officespace, regarding placement and storage for the employees.
Technical specification drawings and obtaining offers from craftsmen and builders.
Creating and revising offer lists and on-site supervision.
Client meetings and ongoing adjustments as a truism.

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