Designguide development for a new Restaurant + bar concept in Bangalore, India.

Copenhagen and Bangalore 2016
Sofie Lund / AM – we are AM

Concept development, visual and spatial identity, logo design etc. for a new Nordic imprinted restaurant and bar in the center of Bangalore, India. With the aim of creating a raw and minimalistic concept, but with a contextual consciousness in mind, Smokehouse and Primal emerged. The restaurant Smokehouse at the ground floor, consists of an open kitchen with a big traditional Indian smoke-oven, which functions as the ‘heart’. It is surrounded by both high and low dinner tables, and divided into different seating areas. The materials are raw, tactile and specifically curated with a reference to the Indian love for gold, represented by using brass. The love for the Nordic is represented by using good, raw, minimalistic materials, both in the choice of flooring, but also in the selection of the whole interior. A graphic touch represented by a brush stroke permeates the whole concept and wraps up the entire experience. Both the logo, the graphic material and the interior is branded with these brushstrokes which represents the rawness of the smoke process regarding the ancient preparation techniques of the contemporary food.

My role//
Head of spatial design. Development of a design guide in a dynamic collaboration with graphic designer Lucas Fisker, consisting of both colour schemes, fonts, logodesign, visual identity and spatial identity, including floorplans, interior sketches and moodboards.
Client meetings via Skype and ongoing adjustments as a truism.

Sofie Lund and Lucas Fisker