Exhibition, coffeeshop, urban elements,
light installation & children’s play area.

Nordhavn, Copenhagen 2014
Sofie Lund, Linda Korndal og Mike Ameko / By & Havn

Indoor and outdoor exhibition items, designed to encourage future and present residents at, or nearby Nordhavnen, Copenhagen, to engage in their new neighborhood. The outdoor elements, consists of big lacquered plywood boxes with different graphics and functions. They are placed around the large area of Nordhavnen and Østerbro, as moveable ‘lighthouses’. In the ‘hvad drikker møller’ silo, the main exhibition takes place. Like the outdoor boxes – the indoor boxes are made out of plywood and scaled to the context of the old industrial silo. They facilitate seating areas, storage and exhibition of the great architect models, made by COBE Architects.
In the ceiling of the exhibition space, the old harbor of Nordhavn is projected, by using interactive light combined with acrylic tubes. The tubes vary in size and thereby creates a 3D effect of the old harbor while the light waves off.
As a complement to the exhibition, a full function coffee shop was developed, with the same principles as the wooden boxes.
This was my most independent project as Junior Architect at Linda Korndal Office of Architecture.

My role//
Concept developer, designpitch, meetings with clients, collaboration with craftsmen, production drawings.

By & Havn, COBE, Kollision