Who am I?

Architect BA (Arkitektskolen Aarhus)
Brand Designer PBA (KEA Copenhagen)
Owner of Sofielundstudio.com

Conceptual work is the key. I always strive to reach a higher level of understanding, concerning the context in which my projects are occurred from. I am always curious and eager to learn more.
I live and breathe for creating, whatever it concerns making new concepts, renovating houses, designing a new piece of furniture or creating a graphic solution. I always keep and develop my curiosity, in concerns of finding new materials or dealing with a concept in a different way.
I get inspired by creating with, and to people. To me, function and aesthetics must go hand in hand! It is of great importance not to create, just for the sake of creation.
My palette of projects is wide, and range from small scale to large. Common to all my projects is the endeavor to reach a perfect match between context, aesthetics and function.
Sofie Lund Studio is Copenhagen based.